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Extra 300 Project

 Front View of ExtraFront View of Extra 300 Extra in progressGetting fabric on the wing Extra in progress<=Getting fabric on the fuselage=>Extra in progress


Yak 50 Project

Front View Yak<=Yak 50 being sanded=>Yak being sanded 

 Yak being sanded<=More sanding=>Preparing to Paint

  More Preparaation<=Preparing to paint=>

  First Pass Painted<=After painting=>View of Painted Fuselage   

Paint scheme on underside of wing=>View of Wing Paint Scheme

Yak 254YK Project

Red Yak 

Front cockpit before upgradeFront Cockpit Before Upgrade Front cockpit after upgradeFront Cockpit After Upgrade 

Rear cockpit before upgradeRear Cockpit Before Upgrade Rear cockppit after upgradeRear Cockpit After Upgrade


N53006 Project

N53006 Engine On Before N53006 Engine Off Before